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Chicken Parmesan Footlong Sub

Rained all day today so I didn't go for any geocaches this evening. I'll save the mile-long hikes for better weather. So instead I went grocery shopping. Snagged the last bag of Valutime Frosted Cocoa at Pathmark. They had it on clearance because they're getting rid of that product line. Pity. It was the bulk-packaged generic brand breakfast cereal with the lowest unit price in the supermarket, so in a way, getting rid of it is a price hike. I'll try something else next time.

Then I went to Subway in Ramsey and had a chicken parmesan footlong. Like the marinara meatball footlong, this one is pretty messy. The sauce just drips all over. Chatted with the neighborhood teens who were hanging out in Subway because of the rain. They were big on footlong jokes. :)


1. When was the last time you had a needle stuck into you?
A few years ago. Had a blood sample taken to check for diseases.

2. Who among your friends is the easiest target for needling?
No idea. Probably I'm the one. Then I stop going to those events and put a stop to it that way.

3. What's something you can confidently do with a needle and thread?
Costume and clothing repair. Done it dozens of times.

4. About how many phonograph records do you have in your home, and when's the last time you dropped a needle on one?

5. Someone told us the other day about someone at a party using a flavor injector to spike a watermelon with vodka. Is this brilliant or is this stupid?
If someone can't take the alcohol and has to go to the hospital, then tell me if it's funny.

From altfriday5:

1. Would you describe yourself as a patient person?
Sometimes. Sometimes not. It depends. There are things that I can wait a decade for and other things I can't wait even a minute for.

2. When you are impatiently waiting for something positive (anticipation) or negative (dread) whose arrival you can't control, how do you manage those feelings?
I go do something else.

3. What about when you have some influence on the arrival/timing of the awaited event?
What about that?

4. Have your impatience-managing techniques or approaches changed over time? How?

5. Have other people been helpful in learning different ways of handling this sort of thing?
No! Is Friday Five over yet? :)

From thefridayfive:

1. If you knew that you had only one day left to live, what would you do for the 24 hours?
This question always puzzled me. If it is your last day, wouldn't you be too ill to do much anyway? If there is nothing apparently wrong, how would you know it is your last day? On the other hand, if it is your last day because the next day you'll be executed, you'd be in prison and not be able to do that much.

I'd go to Captain George's. Dying while eating all-you-can-eat fried fish... Now, that's living!

2. Do you think that life has meaning?
Life is like a blank canvas. It doesn't have meaning until you bring meaning to it.

3. What was your favourite childhood toy/object, or some of your favourites?
(Remember childhood according to the United Nations is anywhere from 0-18 years, so this is a fairly broad span of time).
Until 18? I had a 386 PC back then and was hacking Turbo Pascal and assembly language. Best toy ever.

4. When you clasp your hands, do you put your right thumb over your left thumb, or your left thumb over your right thumb?
Left over right.

5. If you had to teach the most ignorant person on earth the most difficult thing you have ever learned, how would you go about doing it?
I'm guessing I'll need pictures and instructions with short words. Actually, it's sometimes harder to explain why one would want to do something than it is to explain how to do it.
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