Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Flash Mob Event, Long Island, Westchester

On Saturday, I went to a flash mob geocaching event, WWFM 3 - "Cachin' Cow Harbor". It was unusual and fun. Until 1pm, we hung around at various locations in the park, pretending not to know one another. Then, at exactly 1pm, we converged to the center of the park. The event lasted exactly 15 minutes, during which we had snacks (cookies and Hershey's kisses), held a raffle, and took a group photo. Then we dispersed and suddenly, the park was quiet once again. What's amusing were the reactions of the other people in the park. You could almost see the WTF? Some of them did ask us and we explained in two parts: what geocaching is about and what this specific event was. We didn't actually need to explain the first part though. It just so happened that they'd already seen a show on Channel 13 about geocaching.

After the event, we went our separate ways, although I did later bump into Wuzzfuzz50 and Kathieny at one of the geocaches on my list. There were a lot of geocaches I hadn't visited in this section of Long Island, so I carried on until dusk. Then I picked up the last geocache of the day (or night, by that time) in Flushing on my way to dinner in Flushing Chinatown.

Sunday was a comparatively low-key day. I went to Westchester, did a bunch of geocaches, and returned home a bit earlier than usual. One of the geocaches was near Stew Leonard's in Yonkers. I was curious about this grocer but I'd never been there before, so I took the opportunity to drop in and take a look. It's a rather upscale grocer, at least compared to where I usually shop. One item that is cheaper there is their milk (they have their own dairy), so I brought a carton home.

Saturday's geocaches:

LI Motor Parkway #5 - Old Courthouse Road Bridge (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #6 – East Williston (New York)
LIK15 Chelsea back forty (New York)
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park (New York)
Sawyer's Lone Star Cache (New York)
Snail Mail (New York)
WWFM 3 - "Cachin' Cow Harbor" (New York)
DJK 2 Makamah Nature Preserve (New York)
DJK 4 Smithtown Micro (New York)
KBC-4: You've Gotta Be Kidding Me (New York)
LLKD-47 X Blocks The Spot Hoyt Farm Park (New York)
A Micro in Edgewood (New York)
Not a Multi (New York)
Hidden Trails (New York)
LLKD-13 Alfresco in Edgewood (New York)
Big Beanz' Whitman Park Micro (New York)
Alley Micro Series 20- Melville Bowl (New York)
Whitman Mall Nano (New York)
Huntington Town House Nano (New York)
Little Plains Park DJK #5 (New York)
Wrong side of the track (New York)

Sunday's geocaches:

Hawk Cliff (New York)
Bronx River Trail - North 2 (New York)
Bronx River Trail - North 1 (New York)
Best Spots in White Plains #1 (New York)
Dragon 1 (New York)
American Authors---#1 (New York)
Spoosh's Stump (New York)
Shopping Diversion (New York)
Eastchester Travel Bug Hotel (New York)
Paladin Quest #9--White (New York)
Up to the (Urban) Silo (New York)
NANO-A (Not Another Nano Onto Ardsley) (New York)

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