Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Purple and Proxy

Ramapo Reservation

This evening, it was cloudy but it didn't rain. So I went to Ramapo Reservation for the second evening in a row to tackle more geocaches up on the mountain ridge. Both geocaches I found this evening are higher up the mountain than the one I did yesterday. However, I find that the more times I hike up this mountain, the easier it gets. Indeed, I'm far better at this now than I was five years ago. Back then, I would almost die halfway up the steep incline and would have to sit down somewhere. (Also of note: I lost nearly 12 lbs since mid-March, although eating only Subway footlongs for dinner most nights may have something to do with that too.) Anyway, Boulder Stash is off the white trail, past the white/blue trail fork. After finding that one, I went back to the blue trail and continued onwards along the ridge to #10762: Ramapo Reservation cache. Lots of boulders there.

Today, I got a purple box from Yahoo. Inside, there was a shiny purple Yahoo! button that yodels loudly when pressed. Apparently, Yahoo is promoting this service for small businesses: They must be spending a fortune though. A bunch of us were on Yahoo's mailing list and we all got purple boxes and buttons.

There's some corporate drama concerning Vaalco Energy. The largest shareholder, Nanes Delorme Partners, who owns 7.9% of the company, sent out a letter to all shareholders (including me, since I picked up some Vaalco while bargain-hunting back in the mid-January lows) stating that management is a bunch of incompetent dopes. (I'm paraphrasing. :) ) They also initiated a proxy fight to get 3 of their people onto the board of directors. Then Vaalco sued Nanes Delorme, alleging that they violated securities laws. None of this really matters to me because I'm going to sell to lock in a 75% gain anyway. So I'll give my vote to Nanes Delorme to shake things up a bit.
Tags: geocaching, purple box, purple button, ramapo reservation, shareholder proxy, vaalco, yahoo

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