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Snowy Friday

Snowed quite a bit this morning but stopped by lunchtime.

I maintain a small checking account at Hamilton Savings Bank just to have something to switch to if something goes very wrong at Commerce Bank. Nothing much happens at the Hamilton checking account other than the occasional deposit of a rebate check. A few months ago, Oritani Savings Bank acquired Hamilton and all their deposit accounts. They haven't imposed any banking fees so that's cool.

This evening, I took a look at my most recent bank statement from Oritani. On the line below my address, it says TGIF CHECKING. Yes, I have a Thank God It's Friday Checking Account!

So far I've updated New Jersey Gas Prices with information about the four closest gas stations to home. How do I get sucked into these things? Another wacky obsession is the last thing I need. :) It looks like hardly anyone else in the state is entering gas prices into the database because all four gas stations I entered have made it into the Highest and Lowest Gas Prices lists. Sadly, more of them are in the Highest list than the Lowest list. Just wait until I go to South Jersey and find some cheaper gas stations. I think there are a few places in Runnemede that will beat the whole lot of them.

Tomorrow, let's see if any geocaches can be found under six inches of snow! The snowshoes are ready.
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