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Rainy day today, so I just went to the post office to check the box and did some errands. Went to Subway in Park Ridge and got a spicy italian footlong. Service is not as good there as it is at Subway in Ramsey but what do I expect for $5? They also didn't have small cups for tap water, unlike my usual Subway.

My Postcrossing activity has gone up quite a bit since they raised the postcards in transit cap. Used to be that I would send out only 2 or 3 cards a week, but this week, I sent out 7 cards! I don't know if I'll keep up this pace but I can't wait for postcards from other Postcrossers to start piling up in my mailbox.

From altfriday5:

1. How are you differently abled in ways that negatively affect your life, if any?
Poor eyesight.

2. How are you differently abled in ways that positively affect your life, if any?
Decline to answer.

3. How have the things from Question 1 affected your life?
Can't be a pilot. Certain sports are more difficult too if I wear glasses.

4. How have the things from Question 2 affected your life?
Same as #2.

5. Would you give up any of the things from Question 2 to get rid of any of the things from Question 1? Why or why not? If yes, which ones?
No. We'll just have to get better eyes next time. :)

From thefridayfive:

1. What's your favourite TV network?
Hardly ever watch TV, unless I'm on vacation. Then I just have the Cartoon Network on until I get sick of it and turn off the motel TV.

2. If you could create your own channel, what would it be?
A channel with videos of people looking for geocaches. Okay, never mind. It'd be amusing for about five minutes. :)

3. What TV show did you watch as a child, that you wish they would bring back?
Transformers. The old series where they looked like common vehicles.

4. What show have you always hated, and wonder why they ever made such a dumb show?
Almost everything I happen to catch on TV these days.

5. What TV show's seasons would you buy on DVD?
The X-Files.

From fridayfiver:

1. Are you a good worker?
I've thought about this. If I'm interested in something then I'll do it a lot and really well. Otherwise, I just put in enough effort to get by. It's a problem because not everything that needs to be done is interesting.

2. What do you carry?
Bag of Holding.

3. Do you know your neighbors?
Some of them.

4. Where do you like to go for a day trip?
Almost anywhere in about a dozen counties around here.

5. What is at your feet?
Bath rug, which is in the living room for some reason.


1. What makes you feel old?
Practically everything you young whippersnappers are doing. Why, back in my day...

2. What makes you feel young?
Coming back down the mountain.

3. What was better when you were allowed to do it the old way?
There was a time when I could code in assembly language and I knew how everything on the PC worked from the BIOS up. You could still do that to some extent but all the Windows stuff is hidden away in blackbox-like libraries and you're at the mercy of abstraction failures.

4. What's better now that you do it the new way?
Geotagging photos in the EXIF headers. Far superior method.

5. What's something you are old school about?
I still have geocaching printouts.
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