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I know I wrote that because of the higher gas prices, I wouldn't be going all the way to Cape May. So what did I do? I went all the way to Cape May! That's what happens when you hit a row of geocaches all the way down the Parkway.

Also found more caches than I thought I would in spite of the nearly six inches of snow on the ground. Only one was completely hidden by the snow though. The rest were either above ground or cleverly placed in spots that were sheltered from the snow.

Also collected some gas prices in South Jersey to enter into New Jersey Gas Prices. Feed the obsession. :)

Went to Wrestling Roots first. I did not attempt to search for it though because I kept falling down the incline. I'll go back when there is less snow on the ground.

Then I went down Route 18 to the Parkway to Wilderness Trail in Brick. Took a short walk in the snow to the cache. This was surprisingly easy to find and the container was big enough to place the bigger of the two travel bugs that I had.

Next came Wings near Waretown. A quick dash and grab quite close to the road. The cache hider is either very lucky or very clever to have chosen the one spot where the cache would not be concealed by snow.

Bridge that goes Nowhere? near Manahawkin required a drive of over a mile on a snow-covered dirt road. But the dirt road had been plowed! There was still a thin layer of snow there but it was no problem. The other side of the bridge was just marshland, as far as I could see. The weird thing is the power lines kept going to who knows where.

End of the Line for the Brits was a pretty long drive from Route 9 but the road was paved. There were two one-lane bridges controlled by traffic lights. This cache was completely covered by snow but the clue was very good so after a bit of rummaging around in the snow, I found it.

This is where I go too far. Follow The Gull #2 is in Cape May County near Avalon. These would be sand trails except they were covered in snow.

Last of the day was Wave To The Shoobies in Lower Township. Yes, even further into Cape May. Tricky hide but thankfully not covered by the snow.


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