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This evening, I did a maintenance run for this geocache at Children's Park in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Earlier in the week, an accidental finder reported that the cache was wet or damaged and took it away to dry it out. She returned it yesterday and so I went to take a look. It's actually still in pretty good shape. However, I relocated it up the slope a little in case the stream floods again.

I also received two pairs of eyeglasses that I ordered online. Two pairs for $54 (after their 2-for-1 special and coupon code discount) is a fair deal, I'd say. And shortly, I'll fax in my flex account claim form.

And finally, I posted release 0.1 of FFeedVim, my Friendfeed client in Vim script. It only supports posting items to Friendfeed at the moment because I don't know yet how I'd render a Friendfeed stream in a Vim buffer. I also requested an API client ID (so that it says "via FFeedVim" in the stream when I use it) from the Friendfeed folks and they added it to the system within an hour, which is super-fast service even for a Web 2.0 outfit.

From fridayfiver:

1. Last laugh?
What kind of question is that?

2. What do you love?
Answering Friday Five. :)

3. Gold or silver?
Both. The price of silver is more volatile than gold, so the gold/silver ratio in the precious metals portion of your investment portfolio ought to depend on your risk tolerance.

4. Who do you hold hands with?
Hardly do that nowadays.

5. Friday fill-in:
There's no time to ____.
... answer Friday Five. But I did it anyway. :)

From altfriday5:

1. What do/don't you eat?
I do eat... well, check here:
I don't eat bamboo shoots, at least not in huge chunks the way King Fung cooks those.

2. Why do you make the food choices you do?
Because the Subway footlongs are only $5. :)

3. Are you happy with your relationship to food?
I eat food. That's all the relationship I need.

4. What are your favorite comfort foods?
Porridge. Mashed potatoes. Roti prata and split pea soup.

5. Are there any foods you want to try but haven't had a chance, yet?
Raw milk.
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