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Long Island and Poconos

Sunday: Sunny, warm day. 72 - 80°F. Headed out to Long Island because there were a bunch of geocaches I didn't get to on my previous trip 2 weeks ago and also a bunch of new ones. I was surprised that all the electronic signs were saying that the Meadowbrook Parkway was closed at exit 9. (last exit before Jones Beach) In addition, when I got to Levy Preserve, traffic was all snarled up there and the parking area inside the park was full. So I checked Google News on my cell phone and found out that it's because of the air show. Fortunately, I was still able to get to the "It's Not So Stinky Anymore" geocache by parking at the first parking lot and walking in. (The story behind the cache name? Levy Preserve is an artificial hill built over landfill garbage.)

I continued geocaching on Long Island until sundown. Then I visited one more geocache in Queens on my way to dinner in Flushing. At Sentosa in Flushing, I had asam laksa and shrimp puffs. Asam laksa is noodles with fish flakes in a sourish soup. It's quite different from anything else at that restaurant and something for adventurous taste buds. Shrimp puffs, on the other hand, are dollops of minced shrimp wrapped in bacon and fried in batter. I never saw that back in the old country.

Monday: Memorial Day. Sunny. Hotter and more humid than the day before. It had been a long time since I visited the Pocono region, so I took a trip there. There were lots of new geocaches and also a few that I skipped last year for lack of time. One of the new geocaches was near Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun. I was curious about the place so I went in to take a look. It's a kid-oriented water park / theme park inside of a hotel. Lots of wolf (of course), bear, raccoon, and moose imagery in the hotel decor. There are animatronics in the lobby. They have a mascot character -- likely more than one but I only saw their bear mascot. I didn't stick around for story time because I had one more geocache to visit before dinner... and also, well, because I wasn't a guest. :) (Later that night, I read some online reviews of the lodge. It's very expensive! Rooms go for $200 - $500 per night and a day pass for use of the pool and water slides is $79, so I was surprised at how packed the place was.)

Dinner was at Long John Silver's in Mt. Pocono because it happened to be just across the road from the 2nd last geocache of the day. After that, I hopped onto I-380 and I-80 but found the interstate clogged with traffic because people were returning home from the Memorial Day weekend. So I took the next exit, found one last geocache near the Crossings Outlet Mall, and took local roads to a Wawa store in Stroudsburg (the one I found a few trips ago by accident when I took a wrong turn) to stock up on green tea iced tea and chocolate milk. Chocolate milk in Eastern Pennsylvania is cheaper than regular milk back home.

Geocaches on Sunday:

LI Motor Parkway #7 - Alley Pond Park (New York)
Leech Circle (New York)
LLKD-69 Down But Not Out (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #8 - Jericho Turnpike in Mineola (New York)
Alley Micro Series 21 - Rockville Centre (New York)
It's Not So Stinky Anymore (New York)
Random caches 5-East Bay Park (New York)
Alley Micro Series 19 - Sunrise Bowl (New York)
My old stomping grounds (New York)
Cosmo's Revenge (New York)
thE RASE (New York)
Dix Hills Par (New York)
Historical Elwood Nano (New York)
The MOOO-sterios Cache (New York)

Geocaches on Monday:

Soccer Ball (New York)
And Then There Were Three (New Jersey)
Forgotten on the Hill (New Jersey)
Portland History (Pennsylvania)
Hemlock Haven (New Jersey)
Fallen Hero (New Jersey)
Rivers Edge Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Check-In (Pennsylvania)
Check-Out (Pennsylvania)
Moldy Soup (Pennsylvania)
BoMbS aWaY!! (Pennsylvania)
19th Hole (Pennsylvania)
The Bunny Bungalow (Pennsylvania)
Beau's Old Fishing Hole (Pennsylvania)
Cachin' the Poconos (Pennsylvania)
Rhododendron Forest (Pennsylvania)
Rest n' Peace 16 - Cherry Valley (Pennsylvania)
Rest n' Peace 11 - Poplar Valley (Pennsylvania)
Get Low....s (Pennsylvania)
Tree House (Pennsylvania)
Tadpole 5 (Pennsylvania)
Fogmart (Pennsylvania)
The Words of Clement Moore (Pennsylvania)

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