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I'll be doing a mascot gig on Sunday. With temperatures in the upper 70s this time of year, the crew must be crazy but hopefully a rainy Saturday will cool things down a bit.

I wrote a simple client in Perl for Adocu. Adocu is a status update service like Twitter, except that it allows you to post only one word per update. The concept is rather silly, so it's even sillier to write software for it. But it's a simple exercise using the LWP Perl module, so I did it and I'll tidy up the script a bit before posting it to my code journal. Anyway, here's my Adocu timeline.

Don't have much else so I'll be lame and link to this conversation on Friendfeed. FriendFeed is an aggregator. It takes all the photos, links, bookmarks, Livejournal entries, etc, that I post to various places on the web and collects all of those into one stream of information. The twist is it also allows other FriendFeed users to comment on the items and start conversations. In this example, a pithy comment I made on Twitter about gas prices sparked a conversation on FriendFeed with over 30 comments and quite a bunch of participants. It's pretty neat to watch, especially when I consider that a dialog like this wouldn't have taken place if my initial statement had remained on Twitter, which does not easily support group dialog.

From thefridayfive:

"With the following phrases, post a single image of the strongest thought/idea that pops into your head."
1.) Favorite Food:
Fried fish, fries, cucumber

2.) Least Favorite Food:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3.) Favorite Thing:
Spotty Dog on Spotty Pillow

4.) Least Favorite Thing:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5.) A phobia:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

6.) An addiction:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


1. What piece of information do you keep forgetting?
Where I left the tweezers.

2. What regular event in your life do you keep forgetting?
Post office box renewal. Well, almost.

3. How are you with remembering the names of people you meet?

4. What kinds of tricks to you have for remembering to do stuff that falls outside your regular routine?
If I have to remember to bring something, I hang it on the door knob.

5. If you keep a daily planner, what is it like? If you don't, why not?
Google Calendar.

From altfriday5:

1. What sorts of small, inconsequential chores do you find it difficult to motivate to complete?
Cleaning the bathroom.

2. How do you handle this? Do you incent yourself somehow? Recruit help in keeping track or motivating yourself? Just not do them? Something else?
If it gets bad enough that I can't take it any more, then I have to clean it.

3. What sorts of small, inconsequential chores do you not think twice about completing?
Sorting the mail and paying bills.

4. What BIG tasks do you postpone for long periods of time?
Moving out of New Jersey.

5. How do you handle it if/when the deadline for one of these big tasks passes without your completing it?
Then I stop talking about it.
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