Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Walk Now For Autism (Bergen Community College)

This morning, Damian K. and I did a mascot gig for Walk Now For Autism at Bergen Community College in Paramus. At under 10 miles, it's the closest one to home that I've ever done. After registering at the volunteer table, I was presented with a t-shirt. I wasn't presented with a bagel but I picked that up on my own. :) Thanks to the event organizers for providing bagels and coffee. Our changing room was a room in the Technology building. We shared it with Geoffrey (from Toys R Us) and some stormtroopers. (a Star Wars costuming group)

At a bit over 80°F, it was a hot day to be outside in fursuit. I did a walk around and meet and greet on my first round. Then on my second round, I hung out for some time behind the stormtrooper table, where it was shady. Then I changed out of fursuit and did a bit of escort/photography work. I thought it was a good crowd. Although our crew was small, it was fun doing this gig with the other mascots/costumers.

At the end of the gig, we were surprised to see that the event organizers had brought pizza to the break room. That's very good of them and it's something we don't often see at volunteer gigs.

After that, I went home, washed the fursuit, and took care of a few other things. It was still early in the afternoon, so I headed out for some geocaches in the 20 to 30-mile range that I'd been saving for a half-day like this. Dinner was at Wendy's in Parsippany because that's where I stopped to use the restroom on my way home from the last geocache. Instead of choosing a value meal, I just ordered item by item from the dollar menu because I wanted to try dipping fries in a chocolate frosty. (Geocachers in Northeast Pennsylvania will know where that came from.)

Photography by Damian K. and I.

Tags: autism, bergen community college, fursuit, geocaching, mascot gig, north jersey, wendy's

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