Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fort Lee

Palisades Interstate Park

This evening, I went to Fort Lee Historic Park, part of Palisades Interstate Park, to seek the 1776 New Jersey Part 3 The Evacuation of Fort Lee geocache. I'd put off this one for a long time because the Fort Lee area is notorious for traffic delays at rush hour. However, I didn't actually have much of a problem. I drove in from the north via Route 505 and Hudson Terrace because that was the simplest way to go. Parked within 150 feet of the cache site and it was an easy find.

I hadn't been to that park in quite a while. I remember the last time I was there. Back then, everyone was still panicky about a possible terror strike and the National Guard was stationed in the park. I wasn't there for very long when one of them came over and told me to stop loitering because... terrorists loiter in parks with views of major NYC bridges? Anyway, nothing like that happened this evening. Security isn't as tight any more, although the TBTA still has a prohibition against taking photos of the George Washington Bridge.

After that, I went to Subway in Ramsey for an Italian BMT footlong and then to Pathmark for a few grocery items. I linked to BrightKite pages for the two locations. BrightKite is something I signed up for a while ago but hadn't been using. Then recently, I noticed that if I check in at a location and then send photos from my cameraphone using Sprint PictureMail, my check-in log and photos will appear together on the location's page. So each location can tell a story. This would be more interesting to watch if more of the locals joined in but in the meantime, it's a mild distraction.
Tags: brightkite, fort lee, geocaching, pathmark, subway

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