Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Benchmark LY2901 and surroundings

I was surprised that there are still a few NGS benchmarks close to home that I hadn't visited. So this evening, I visited LY2901 in Upper Saddle River. It's in the middle of a field next to a school. Took a picture of it. There's another one I haven't logged to the north in Spring Valley, but I'll save it for another evening when I have other things to do in that town.

Got a nugget of information through one of the social networks: It seems there was a 40% hike in gas prices yesterday in the old country. I should point out though that gas (or petrol, as they call it) is subsidized by the government over there and this is merely the result of a reduction in subsidy. The new price, after currency and unit conversion, is around $3.14/gallon, which is much cheaper than it is here in northern New Jersey.

Also, I came across some pictures of the SQL Server 2008 mascot. It's of interest to me because it's a mascot and because I've been doing some work with SQL Server 2008 CTP. Now I have to figure out what it is. :)
Tags: benchmark, gas prices, malaysia, mascot, sql server, upper saddle river

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