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Geo Jamboree, Connecticut, Long Island

GeoJamboree 6

On Saturday, I went to Kettletown State Park in Southbury, CT, for GEO JAMBOREE 6, a big geocaching event in Connecticut. It was a good picnic but at 95°F, the weather was hot enough to be unbearable and we all hung out mostly in the shade. Did some geocaching in the park afterwards, of course. Most of the new geocaches were on the campground side of the park. I was on my own most of the time but four of us converged on "A Change In The Starting Lineup", which was a difficult hide. After that, I left the park and found a few more geocaches on the way home, ending with "Nocturnal Quest", a night cache using a reflector trail. (Piece of cake, really. The description told me enough to figure out roughly where the cache was, although I still needed the last few reflectors to pinpoint it.)

On Sunday, I went to Long Island. Another hot 95°F day. Later in the afternoon, the clouds started rolling in. Then, at "MAM-3K Riverview (RPA55)", the torrential rain started. I stopped in the middle of looking for the geocache and ran back to the car. Five minutes later, the rain stopped almost as suddenly as it started. By that time, I'd read all the online logs on my cell phone and figured out where to look. After that, it was pretty uneventful, but I met yojoefan at the last cache of the day, "Random Caches 6 - Nunleys". I was sitting in the car signing the log sheet when I saw two people go to the cache spot. I love those chance meetups. Dinner was at Sentosa in Flushing.

Geocaches on Saturday:

The Heritage Hike (Connecticut)
HALs PC (Connecticut)
Aspen's BIG Toy Box (Connecticut)
Not Another P & R (Connecticut)
GEO JAMBOREE 6 (Connecticut)
Rock ON !! (Connecticut)
Determination Redux (Connecticut)
Crest Adventure! (Connecticut)
This Way to Pomperaug 2 (Connecticut)
Reedla's Ouch 2! (Connecticut)
Indiana Geones and the Golden Cache (Connecticut)
Dinner at Six (Connecticut)
A Change In The Starting Lineup (Connecticut)
Seven Logs Rotting, Cachemas 2007 (Connecticut)
Wooden Castles (Connecticut)
Nocturnal Quest (Connecticut)

Geocaches on Sunday:

LLKD-70 Eye Can See You (New York)
MAM - 3K Quickie! (New York)
MAM'S -3K Celebration! (New York)
MAM-3K Beneath the Birdhouse (New York)
MAM-3K Return to Takapausha (New York)
MAM - 3K It's Quik (New York)
Alley Micro Series 22 -300 Bowl (New York)
MAM-3K in West Islip (New York)
MAM-3K Joyce Fitzpatrick Center (RPA57) (New York)
MAM-3K micro Marilynn (New York)
MAM-3K Welcome to Great River (RPA56) (New York)
MAM-3K Riverview (RPA55) (New York)
LI Motor Parkway #9: The Eastern Terminus (New York)
MAM-3K: Caches For The Masses (New York)
Alley Micro Series 23- Syosset (New York)
Random Caches 6 - Nunleys (New York)

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