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It has been very hot (temperature in the upper 90s) and humid since the weekend but there's a thunderstorm going on now and I hope that will cool things down a bit.

Last Friday evening, I went looking for Benchmark LY2909. It was just outside the fence at the PSE&G switching station in Waldwick. I thought there would be a security issue so I just photographed the survey disc quickly and left the area, but not before taking a brief look at the green space near the road.

Dental appointment this evening. No problems, other than the gums being a little red. But that happens all the time. Then I went to Badlands Tacos in downtown Ramsey. Because I kept going to Subway the last few months for $5 footlongs, I almost forgot that I had coupons for Badlands. It's perfect. There's wi-fi in the downtown area and they have better air conditioning than I do at home. This evening, I had a set of tacos.

And finally, I used the coupon from the Post breakfast cereal promo. They offered to send a coupon for one free box of Honey Bunches of Oats if I sent them 5 coupons from competitors. I did that a few weeks ago so I thought they had forgotten, but the coupon arrived yesterday. As a bonus, the cereal is on sale at Pathmark this week, so I got a larger size than I'd otherwise have gotten. (the coupon was good only up to $3.79, which doesn't buy a lot of brand-name cereal nowadays) Then I got home just before the storm started.
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