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Snowcaching II: Long Island

Looks like no one else was geocaching on Long Island today or yesterday because I was first to three caches! Was everyone staying home just because of a few inches of snow on the ground? Anyway, here's more proof that it is possible to find caches even after a snowstorm. For many caches, it's not that difficult. If you can identify the most likely hiding spot, patting down the snow there should yield the cache.

Today's trip consisted of heading East on LI hitting caches along the way and ending on the North Fork. On the way back, I took a look at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Riverhead and had dinner (late lunch, actually) at the Long John Silver's and A&W restaurant in West Islip. Yes, fish and root beer again. :)

Also noted some gas prices for New York Gas Prices and New York State Gas Prices. This has the potential to be very confusing because the former refers to the New York City Metro Area and covers parts of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland Counties and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut in addition to the five boroughs. The latter covers everywhere else in NY State. I made a mistake and put a Mattituck gas station in the metro area site. Mattituck is way over at the east end of LI! No way to fix that. Oops. Never mind. It'll expire in 96 hours anyway.

First stop was Windy Lindy in Lindenhurst. (hence the name of the cache) Very easy to find once I dug in with both hands. Something crazy is happening to this cache because when I brought up the cache page to log it, I saw that it had already been archived because it was plundered?? How could it be plundered if I found it and it still had everything?

Next was RPA-31 North Gate CRSP in Bohemia. CRSP is Connetquot River State Park, not a typo of some other word. :) Very straightforward cache. Just march down that snowy path and go straight to the obvious hiding spot. A Bayonets4u classic. By the way, I found out that he collects bayonets. (hence the name) Check out his website.

After that came Laura's Cache in Patchogue. As often happens on Long Island, I took the backdoor route into the park via a hole in the fence. Thank goodness for all those holes in fences or I'd actually have to drive around and find the proper park entrance. :) Another easy cache after a quick tour of a paintball battleground.

P.C.P. Cache in Middle Island was next. That's the acronym for the name of the park, not the drug. :) The snow actually did conceal the first stage of the cache pretty well although that turned out not to pose a problem in finding it. Experience with film containers and the way Long Islanders hide those has been very useful. For the rest of the cache, I bushwhacked a lot more than followed the trails. It didn't make a difference as either way, I was walking on a layer of snow.

Went down to Fire Island after that to visit RPA-32 A Labor of Love, a virtual. Fire Island is pretty long and extends far beyond the short park road so if anyone wants to place a cache on Long Island that requires a 3-mile walk, this is one option.

Last of all, I went to Mattituck's First on the North Fork of Long Island. That's where you run out of Long Island Expressway and have to continue on Routes 58 and 25. I drove all around the park and still had no idea where the correct entrance was. On the drive around the park, I came across an accident scene where a truck had rammed a utility pole and split the length of the pole. I guess they don't have the funds to plow every single residential street there but this is the result. After going all the way around, I decided to bushwhack into the park from an access point that was public land. This turned out not to be too hard to do and soon I had the cache in hand. Had to pat down the snow around several likely hiding spots but that didn't take long.


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