Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Santa Clausland is coming to town

Clausland Mountain Park

Looks like another Doomsday just went by. :)

I thought I'd squeeze in another geocache before the end of the world and it was a good one. I went for the Follow the Turquoise trail geocache in Clausland Mountain Park in Orangeburg, NY. It's actually an old geocache but I didn't go for this one all these years because four stages seemed a bit much to me. However, it didn't take as long as I anticipated. I was done in about 80 minutes and I wasn't hurrying. It's a 2-mile round trip up and over the mountain and back. I parked at Tackamack Park and followed the Long Path (turquoise blazes) from there. The first stage, which wasn't exactly a snap, still didn't take very long. The second stage was the hardest because coordinates were off by about 100 feet. I read the online logs and used the adjusted coordinates that someone else had posted. The third and final stages were both very easy.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall for Panda Express, which contained no real panda that I know of. I also took another look at Steve & Barry's $8.98 sale. The last time I went to Steve & Barry's, I didn't buy any shoes because I only saw shoes with laces and I have enough of those. This time, I noticed that they also had a different style of shoes, a strange hybrid shoe with both velcro and laces. So I started thinking: If I took those shoes and removed the shoelaces, what would I end up with? Velcro shoes! Just what I'd been looking for. So yes, I got two pairs in size 16. Not much storage space left but I can make room for velcro shoes.
Tags: clausland mountain, doomsday, geocaching, palisades center, panda express, shoes, steve and barry's

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