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Oil change this evening. Odometer is at 80387 miles. (Yes, just like that math coprocessor. :) ) It's been less than 5,000 miles since the last service but I can't count on having time for this next week and if I leave it for the week after, it'll be way past 5K miles.

I've been geocaching for so long that I don't stop to think about how surreal this activity is sometimes. Well, among my photos from this past weekend is one of a geocache hidden in a bunny:

Geocache GC1A582

Geocache GC1A582

I participated in Firefox 3 Download Day. Installed it, gave it a spin, and set it aside. K-Meleon 1.1 will continue to be my workhorse browser, not so much because of its speed or small size but because I've customized and extended my copy significantly enough that it'd be hard to reproduce this setup in another browser. I would like to see a Prism update though. I use that to keep resource-intensive webapps like Gmail separate from my browser session.
Tags: automotive, bunny, firefox, geocache, prism

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