Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Faster than a Cannonball

Norman Levy Nature Preserve

This evening was the only evening so far this week when it wasn't raining. And, conveniently enough, there were two new geocaches, both along the same trail. So this evening, I went to Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Wanaque to find both of those geocaches.

The first of the two was Cannonball Source, which is located near the beginning of the Cannonball Trail, by a soccer field in Pompton Lakes. The Cannonball Trail crosses the field but the tricky part is figuring out where it goes on the other side. I walked the perimeter of the field looking for the other trailhead. While looking around, I saw someone in the woods patting down some dirt with a shovel. I'm guessing he had just finished burying a deceased family pet, but I didn't stick around to inquire.

Then I continued up the Cannonball Trail to The Pit, about half a mile away. It's near a mysterious fenced-off area, which I'm sure someone will come up with an explanation for before long. After that, I went to Garden State Plaza to pay (or prepay, rather, because I took care of it before the invoice actually arrived) the phone bill and have food court Thai food.
Tags: cannonball trail, garden state plaza, geocaching, ramapo mountain state forest, ruby thai, wanaque
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