Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 0

I finished packing and loading in the evening, so I started driving out to Pittsburgh at 11pm. By 1am, I had already found the first geocache of the night and made a Wawa stop. Going geocaching at night in small towns in Pennsylvania is an interesting experience. There was almost no traffic at all and the streets were dark. (no street lights in rural areas) Of course, I had to pick the geocaches carefully so as not to break any park curfews. "Moody River", however, was in a park that had no posted time restrictions and so I did that one at 4am. However, it was an easy gravel trail anyway.

Domino at I-80 rest area in Snow Shoe
I-80 rest area in Snow Shoe, PA

Lunch was the buffet at Plyler's in Brookville. I had that last year on rcoony's recommendation and it was good, so I returned. After that, I thought I'd better hurry up in order to get to the hotel before it got too late. Breezed through Kittanning and a few other places and arrived at the hotel around 4pm. Because of the parking garage renovation, I thought I'd have trouble finding a parking space but I was early enough that there were still plenty of spaces. It'll be a problem for those arriving on Thursday.

Checked in. Showered and unwound for a bit, and was later joined by marauderosu and joeygatorman, who'll be sharing the room. We went to Golden Palace for dinner. After that, we hung out in the lobby and 2nd floor areas, which were already starting to fill up with Anthrocon attendees.

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