Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 1, continued, and Day 2


Dinner on Thursday was at Steel City Diner. I didn't know they had fried fish but I noticed it on the menu so I got that. It was the biggest fried fish filet I've seen, about the size of the basket! After dinner, I got into fursuit. Used the dark grey wolf fursuit, which needs maintenance but was still good for a short walk about. Nothing much going on so I wandered over to the convention center and then back to the hotel and ended up in an impromptu photoshoot at the corner of the hotel lobby. Haven't brought that fursuit to a con in two years so it was new to some.

Friday morning breakfast was at Steel City Diner again. Then I went to the opening ceremony. I think I'm numbering the days incorrectly because it was already Day 2 by my system. After that, I dropped off the 3-foot tall Meeko raccoon plush toy at the charity auction table. Donating that item actually frees up a significant amount of space at home. Hope it gets a good home. After that, I went to the Dealers' Room. I failed at spending money. There was only one thing I wanted, a pair of replacement footpaws for my fursuit, but the vendor wasn't sure he could make it in my shoe size so he took my order and will email me after the con if it's possible to do.

Lunch was a seafood sub special at Fernando's. Then I got into fursuit -- Chestnut Husky this time -- and went to the Fursuiter Meet and Greet, which turned out to be just a dance. Did another walkabout in fursuit to the convention center and back. Dinner was the Chinese buffet at Liang's Hunan. Then I went to the convention center to watch Anthropoly, a game show. Went back to the hotel to change into fursuit again and then participated in Red Rover For Fursuits, a gentler version of fursuit games. We played Red Light Green Light, Red Rover, Musical Chairs, and Duck Duck Goose. Crossed over to the convention center again and snagged a spot at the fursuit photo studio because there happened to be no wait at that time. (The results will be on the web later. I think photos come out better when the photographer helps you pose, which he did.) Then I went to the fursuit-friendly portion of the night's dance.

Once the dance switched over to a rave, I left the convention center. Went back to the hotel, played around with the crowd, and entertained some hotel guests at the bar. And that's all I did for the day. More activities coming tomorrow!
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