Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 3

possum fursuit

Woke up early because I had to go to Masquerade Rehearsal. I was in magnusdiridian's skit but I didn't know what it was until I got there and met up with him. (I'm living on the edge. :) ) Anyway, I got the skit info and it was "Cooking with Fur", a Swedish chef kind of skit. I was "chocolate moose" in the second part of the skit, where my part was to go out on stage wearing antlers and let the chef spread chocolate on me with a spoon. (pretend, of course) I was also in the last part of the skit where we all chased the chef around the table.

After rehearsal, I went to the panel on parade performance. It was a very short panel lasting all of 15 minutes. Then all the fursuiters had to gather in the ballroom to start the fursuit parade. It's a shorter parade this year than last year. We just went from the ballroom to the convention center balcony overlooking the river. Someone was on the other side of the river ready to take a group shot of all of us. While waiting for that to be done, we surprised a cruise boat and a bunch of kayakers in the river. After the photoshoot, we just went back to the ballroom. Parade count was 453.

Then I had lunch at Steel City Diner. Tried the meatloaf. After that, I went down to the car to get the repair kit and up to the room to fix a costume malfunction. Good thing I brought the sewing supplies. Then I headed back to the convention center for the Masquerade staging. While in the green room, we were informed that there was a weather emergency with tornado-like conditions and hail, and that we were supposed to stay away from windows. (Where did I hear that before? Oh yeah, on my last trip to the Poconos. And it turned out to be only rain.) The Masquerade went on as planned, with only a 15 minute delay to make sure the tornado didn't bring down the convention center. :) The skit I was in was up pretty early. I had no idea why I was nervous since this is my 3rd time in the masquerade. Once it began, I thought it went pretty well. We got some laughs out of the audience.

Dinner was at the Steel City Diner again. Spaghetti and meatballs this time. I'd wanted that since I saw someone order it in the afternoon. Returned to the hotel. Because of scheduling confusion the previous day, some fursuiters missed out on the fursuit-friendly dance at the convention center. So they made up for it with another fursuit-friendly dance this evening at the hotel. Very convenient! They promised two hours but it actually went for more than 3 hours. And it was fun. I was there in fursuit until the last song.
Tags: anthrocon, dance, masquerade, parade, steel city diner

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