Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 4


After a busy Saturday, Sunday is usually when things start to wind down at the convention. Considering that I went to sleep after 3am last night, I woke up way too early. I headed out to Steel City Diner for breakfast. I sat at the counter. Pete, a local guy who was sitting next to me, noticed that I was from the convention and started a conversation. One topic led to another and soon, we were having the most intelligent and remarkable conversation on economics and finance I've had in recent memory. He told me he'd been taking classes at a business school but I wouldn't be surprised if he'd been reading some Daily Reckoning on the side.

Got back to the hotel and attended the Advanced Fursuit Performance panel. There, I got some interesting tidbits of information, such as how the Princess and Snow White characters wave at Disney World. (Okay, I'll probably never use that. :) ) Then I got into fursuit and went to the Fursuit Games. This year, it was done a bit differently, possibly due to space constraints. The fursuiters were divided into many teams, each with four or five members. Then only one team at a time was brought out to do the games. We had a relay race, charades, and an impromptu skit. (where we were judged on audience reaction, I think) For the skit portion, my team (Blazger, Dustykat, Sora, Morin Wolf, and I) did a kung fu fighting skit since Morin has had actual kung fu training.

After that, I attended the Furry Research Findings panel. The panel was conducted by drg_kcgerbasi, a social scientist from Niagara County Community College, who's been conducting furry fandom surveys at Anthrocon for 3 years. She shared some insights from the surveys and it was a more entertaining panel than I expected. After that, I went to the closing ceremony. We had 3,390 attendees this year, which is about 30% 19% more than the previous year, and next year, we're upgrading to a larger hall in the convention center.

After that, I had dinner at Golden Palace. Came back to the hotel and said goodbye to marauderosu and joeygatorman, who left for the bus station this evening. Then I checked downstairs and saw that the Dead Dog Party had started. So I got into fursuit again and joined the dance. About two hours into it, we formed a furpile on the floor of the hotel lobby. We must be insane! :) After some of that, I left the bunch and returned to my room to disinfect and dry the sweat-soaked fursuit. And that's it for the con. The monkey's dead, the show's over. Tomorrow, I'll reattempt the Northpointe geocache on my way home.
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