Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Returning from Anthrocon

Scenes from Pittsburgh

I got off to a later start than I intended but that was okay. Took a while to get everything down to the car because all the luggage carts were taken. Said goodbye to a few friends and then I headed out. Bagged a few geocaches along Route 28 on my way to lunch. I think the one on Herr's Island is within Pittsburgh city limits.

Lunch was again at Plyler's in Brookville. I like their pecan pie. It's as good as one I made myself a few years ago. (which I realize does not say much because apart from one or two special items, all my cooking is with the microwave oven) I also like that they had several kinds of boiled veggies. Most buffet places only have raw salad. It was a good time. After that, I contined eastward on I-80, stopping for geocaches at towns where I still had some caches on my list. I was racing rain clouds the whole way. I found that I could keep comfortably ahead of the rain as long as I was driving down the interstate but when I stopped for geocaches, the rain caught up with me.

The heavy rain caught up with me for the last time in Bloomsburg. That's when I decided to end the cache-a-thon because of the rain and because it was already a bit past dusk. However, I did pick up one last geocache at an I-80 rest area just a few miles past Mifflinville. Dinner was at Wawa in Blakeslee Corners, the best little Wawa store in the middle of nowhere.

Tags: geocaching, i-80, plyler's, wawa

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