Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Of chicken and teeth


This is a sign that I have too many things going on: It's Thursday and I'm still catching up with things that happened while I was away for 6 days! The best part: 11 Postcrossing postcards were waiting for me in my mailbox. I thought this one was particularly unusual. The scan didn't do it justice. It's a kaleidoscope card where the design changes a bit when you move it.

My dental insurance claim was rejected. This happens for the first claim every year. I found out from HR how it happened but not why. It appears that the dentist sent the insurance claim to the wrong insurance provider. However, when I went to the dentist's office to check, the clerk showed me the correct insurance info on her computer screen. So...? I think there is a bug in their claims-filing system. Anyway, they'll try to file the claim again and see what happens. It's an unnecessary annoyance.

I received a $12.67 check as settlement for the AFC Enterprises securities class action lawsuit. (AFC Enterprises = Popeyes Chicken) Never had much AFCE stock so I was surprised that my share of the settlement was more than a few cents. I mentioned that on Twitter and PopeyesChicken suggested that I use the money to get a box of chicken for 4th of July, which is not a bad idea. :) As an aside, I'm still not sure how I feel about corporate spokespeople showing up on Twitter. Could be useful if we have legitimate complaints and they can respond faster than their customer reps, but otherwise, do we want them to chime in on our daily musings?

And lastly, I signed up at Swurl, another lifestream service / aggregator that takes stuff that I post to popular web services and brings all of that together on one page. (It doesn't support Livejournal though. That's one deficiency.) My fancy Swurl grid timeline is here, but don't follow that link unless you have a fast connection and lots of memory. The problem is it insists on showing thumbnail images of all my Flickr photos from this year on the first page. I post thousands of photos a year, so it takes a long time for that page to finish loading! I think Swurl needs to truncate this timeline at a reasonable length but the Swurl team promised that they'll look into a way to cut down on Flickr thumbnail loading time. Maybe they should've invited me to their private beta. :)
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