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So where's my 0.1% of a gas station?

I went around the neighborhood today running some errands and collecting gas prices for New Jersey Gas Prices. I know only five price reports count per day for points but why do a half-assed job? I guess I never counted them before but there are 8 gas stations in my town! That's one gas station for every 1,000 people.

This is a border town though so I suspect they get a lot of business from Pearl River and Nanuet residents because gas is more expensive in NY State. That's what I think is sustaining 8 gas stations in a town that isn't very big. By the way, the Northeast edge of NJ is possibly the most expensive place to buy gas in the state. My price reports dominate the highest prices list! Most likely the gas stations are charging a few cents more because of demand from across the state border.

$20 bill from Liberty Science Center meet last year ends up in Utah! That's not where I spent it though. It was in the pile of money for the restaurant tab. Since it was unmarked, I swapped it out for some Where's George bills of my own. I spent it later somewhere else, most likely in the U-scan machine at the supermarket. Nevertheless, it's wonderful how these bill reports bring back memories from the past.

Upcoming events this weekend:

I'll be busy. :)

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