Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Port Jervis / Matamoras tri-state area

Goose Pond Mountain Area

Rainy day. About 70°F. Fortunately, the rain stopped in the early afternoon and didn't start again until the evening.

The first stop of the day was supposed to be at Goose Pond Mountain Area in Chester for "BluePigNinja Cache". However, when I got there, a lady told me that there was a fire on the boardwalk just 500 feet into the park. Then the firetrucks arrived. The information I got from them was that it was a cigarette butt fire and it had been smoldering for a while. Since it looked like they were going to be working on it for a while, I continued onwards to Port Jervis and Matamoras to do the rest of the geocaches on my list. Most of those geocaches were placed specially for the Tri-State Treasures TWO! geocaching event, which I missed because I was in Pittsburgh being a big fuzzy dog. :) The neat thing is they didn't remove those geocaches after the event so I can visit those any time.

In the evening, I returned to Goose Pond Mountain Area. I was a little worried about the geocache but luckily, it was at a different section of the boardwalk, more than 200 feet from the fire. So it was safe. I took a bunch of pictures of the damage. The boardwalk is still passable but they added some yellow tape to block off the burnt part.

Tags: burnt, fire, geocaching, matamoras, port jervis, tri-state
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