Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey and Old Tappan


Local geocachers have been busy with cache placements over the long weekend. So today, I did two of those. The first was Critter Comfort, which was behind the Ramsey Public Library. That was an easy find (and I was FTF) but there was a supplemental question on what kind of creature that structure is meant to house. I don't like geocaches with additional logging requirements but went along with it because I was quite sure of the answer.

In the evening, I visited Dead Man's Chest of the World. This one is in Old Tappan, on a trail next to an upriver stretch of the Hackensack River. I also took a look at a rusty piece of junk near the cache site. Would be nice if, when a car rusts in the woods, the insignia and model name remained readable so that I could identify it.

Phone is getting flaky. It still makes calls and browses the web but I have to hold it a certain way or the keypad doesn't work, which makes it a bit awkward. The kicker is I'm only 4 months away from being able to get a new phone from Sprint with a $150 discount for contract renewal. So I'm looking on eBay for a cheap replacement to bridge the gap.
Tags: geocaching, old tappan, phone, ramsey

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