Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Globetrotters, but not Harlem

Palisades Interstate Park

This evening, I went for the Home of the Globetrotters geocache. It's in Palisades State Park in Englewood Cliffs. However, entrance to the area is via Allison Road Park, a park I've visited several times for geocaches and once for a mascot gig. At the end of Allison Road Park, there is a place where the fence has collapsed and that's where one would cross over to Palisades State Park. One curious thing about this geocache is it contained a few bottles of Zwack Unicum, which had been tagged as travel bugs. I had no idea what that was but I did a web search later and it is a Hungarian herbal liquor. We're really not supposed to leave food/drink in geocaches though.

After that, I went to Palisades Center to get dinner and some Staples 1-cent "Back to school" specials. (I could always use the pencils.) I noticed that the mall is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I remember going to this mall back in 1998 when it had just opened. Back then, it was half empty, the 4th floor was unfinished, and the Target store wasn't there yet. It sure has come a long way! I also remember being very concerned about the sinking parking garage and cracks in the floor, but the mall hasn't collapsed and the ground appears to have stabilized.

I had Panda Express in the food court. I had a coupon from the online customer survey I submitted after my last visit. However, they gave me a hard time when I tried to use it, saying that I didn't call the survey phone number. Of course I didn't! I filled out the survey form on the web, I told them. Anyway, I didn't insist that they honor the survey coupon but they did honor it in the end. Nevertheless, I sent a note to the Panda Express customer survey website about that problem. If there is a misunderstanding, maybe they can straighten it out.
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