Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ

Hot and humid day with temperatures up to 90°F, but cooler towards the evening. Went to Western New Jersey and found 23 geocaches there, which means I'll have to go to another region next weekend or finish up the scraps I didn't get to on this trip. It was a long, meandering tour, mostly along US-46, ending in Belvidere. (the town, not the butler :) )

Did a whole bunch of mag-man geocaches today, since he's one of the more prolific cache placers in Western NJ. At first, I had a hard time with his geocaches. Then some time in mid-afternoon, I started seeing his hiding spots as soon as I got to each location. I wasn't consciously profiling his hiding style but it's neat when right-brain processing kicks in.

The most interesting thing that happened was when I kept hearing a sound like a blow torch when I was at a cache site. I looked up and saw a hot air balloon really low and going directly over my head. I think it only just cleared the top of the tree. I thought that was a novel way to travel to cache sites but he was actually just heading to the nearby field to land the balloon.

Dinner? Well, I just returned home for that because I didn't know any good places in Western NJ open after 9pm on Saturday.

Bridge to your PAL (New Jersey)
Da Project (New Jersey)
It's only the FAIR (New Jersey)
Raider Nation (New Jersey)
Gnarls Barkley (New Jersey)
Train in Vain (Stand by your man) (New Jersey)
Bridge of Death (New Jersey)
County Home Cemetery (New Jersey)
The Rock (New Jersey)
What the heck was this? (New Jersey)
What's that smell? (New Jersey)
Picnic anyone? (New Jersey)
Dam(n) Waterfall (yup, dams, water and falling) (New Jersey)
Oxford Furnance Lake Cache & Dash (New Jersey)
Which bridge do I take? (aka the Todd & Dad cache) (New Jersey)
Warren Fields (New Jersey)
Dizz-Knee Challenge: Cachy and the Tramp PXVI (New Jersey)
Meadow Breeze #3 (New Jersey)
Meadow Breeze #2 (New Jersey)
Meadow Breeze #1 (New Jersey)
Dying to get in! (New Jersey)
For Those Who Served:Belvidere (New Jersey)
Food Market cache & dash (New Jersey)

Tags: geocaching, hot air balloon, western nj

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