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Out, damn'd spot!

Hackensack River Park

Monday afternoon, I visited the Mt. Moor geocache, next to the Mt. Moor Cemetery in West Nyack. I already knew about this location because the cemetery is within the perimeter of the Palisades Center Mall! (near a parking deck and between two mall roads) The cemetery was, of course, there way before the mall, so the mall developer had to build around it. Another example of that is the Mary Ellis Grave, which ended up being surrounded by a Loews theater parking lot.

On Tuesday, there was a bumper crop of new geocache listings. In the afternoon, I visited Watch out for the "Bear" at Sikorsky Children's Park in Wesley Hills, NY. There is a twist to this cache but I ought not spoil it here for those who haven't found it yet. In the evening, I went to Hawthorne's Millstones and Who moved Magee Road Bridge?, both in Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne, NJ. Very quick finds for both, although I went through the wrong section of the wooded area, following a disused trail.

The last geocache of the day was Hackensack Aviary at Hackensack River Park in Hackensack. Access to this park is through the lower level of the Riverside Square Mall parking garage. After finding the geocache, I went into the mall to take a look around. This has to be the most upscale mall in Bergen County. I can't imagine buying much there, unless I wanted to eat at one of the restaurants. However, the restrooms are nice.

There's a problem with my camera that I noticed in photos starting from roughly three weeks ago. In photos like this, where there is an area of clear sky, you can see a smudge on the image. (I circled it in magenta.) It didn't go away after I cleaned the lens, which means the dust is inside the camera. Folks on FriendFeed came to the same conclusion. This camera is long out of warranty and has no user-serviceable parts inside, so I'll have to get a new one. In the meantime, I've been using Photoshop Elements' spot healing brush, which does a decent job de-spotting the photos.
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