Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Watch for the fire!

Eugene Levy Memorial Park

This afternoon, I headed out to Eugene Levy Memorial Park in Pomona, NY, to seek the Watchfire geocache. It's not too difficult a find but the cache owner placed it to highlight the watchfire site at the park, where once a year, a fire is lit at midnight, followed by a 24-hour vigil, to remember those who've sacrificed their lives in war. There's also an observation deck nearby. It was hot out there in the midday sun, so I didn't linger after I had taken enough photographs of the area.

In the evening, I hit the triple-coupon sale at A&P. Took a little time to sort my coupons before going to the supermarket to speed things along. I got $37.14 of groceries for $17.28, which is a 53% savings. Not as good as I've done in previous triple-coupon shopping trips but there were only slim pickings tonight. I'd have to get there earlier in the week to beat the locals.

As I said I would last week, I added support for urlBorg to TwitVim. The problem I had with this API is it requires an API key, which I thought would be a bother for users to set up since they don't normally have to do that for a URL shortening service. In urlBorg, the API key identifies the user account to keep track of the user's stats and history. The nice thing about coding for web services is the developer is often on Twitter. In this case, urlborg saw my query and provided me with a special key for TwitVim. So the approach I took is to use that key as the default but allow advanced users to customize the key by setting a Vim global variable.

Here's a Google search query that returns a list of TwitVim users. (Thanks to dossy for coming up with the query expression.) Only 9 users! Haha! Then again, this is 8 more than I thought. :) As a sidenote, I've been informed that the list isn't complete, so Google doesn't catch everything on Twitter.
Tags: a&p, geocaching, rockland county, triple coupon, twitvim, urlborg

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