Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey

Sunny and hot day with temperatures in the upper 90s in the afternoon. I went to Central Jersey primarily to do the donut series of geocaches, although I did visit a bunch of other geocaches along the way. All the donut caches, except for the final cache, were near Dunkin Donuts stores and were quick and easy, perfect for a scorching hot day. Out of the 10 donut stores, I only went into two of them. I got an apple crumb at one and a bowtie at the other.

In downtown Summit, some paranoid locals saw me put the "Boston Kreme Donut" cache back on the hiding spot and called the police. The police came and I explained what I was doing. After checking a few things, they told me to remove the cache because it causes panic. Now, wait a minute! Our entire system of credit and banking is collapsing like a house of cards in the breeze and that doesn't cause panic. But a keyholder on a flag box? THIS they go nuts about. Oh, I see how it is now. Anyway, I took the cache with me and it's still sitting in the car now. However, I see that the cache owner has replaced it with a new one at a different location, so it should be okay. (unless there are paranoid locals at the new location too)

I just came home for dinner since it was pretty late by the time I got to the last stop. It's interesting (to me anyway) to note that the last cache site of the day was also the last cache site for another long geocaching spree a few years ago. The previous cache is long gone and this new cache reused that location.

Chinese New Year - The Movie (New Jersey)
"Me Tarzan, you Jane" (New Jersey)
ACHOO! (The Movie) (New Jersey)
Boston Kreme Donut (New Jersey)
Jelly Filled Donut (New Jersey)
Plain-Old Fashioned Donut (New Jersey)
Riverside Recreation Park (New Jersey)
Toasted Coconut Donut (New Jersey)
Watchung Lake (New Jersey)
Glazed Donut (New Jersey)
Chocolate Frosted Donut (New Jersey)
Bavarian Kreme Donut (New Jersey)
The Kennedy Farmstead (New Jersey)
Powdered Donut (New Jersey)
French Cruller (New Jersey)
How does your garden grow? (New Jersey)
Strawberry Frosted Donut (New Jersey)
Tour De Donut Cache Challenge (New Jersey)
Sam The Snowman (New Jersey)
Elsa (New Jersey)
Fireman's shortcut (New Jersey)
L.O.M. Bound Brook EAST (New Jersey)
L.O.M. Bound Brook WEST (New Jersey)
Alway a parking space (New Jersey)
Happy Face's Backlot (New Jersey)

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