Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island - The Good and The Bad

Another hot, humid day with temperatures in the 90s. Went to Long Island, which by now is usual for Sundays. This time, I did the southern half of Long Island (below the LIE), where there was a pocket of unfound geocaches around Sayville, Holbrook, and Holtsville.

The bad part: Stepped on human feces in a park in West Islip. It was partially decomposed so I didn't notice it at first. The strange part is it wasn't in the woods. It was by a solitary tree in the middle of a field. So what happened there? Did someone drop trousers out there in the open to take a dump? Shameless! I decided right then to stop looking for the cache, because it wasn't worth doing any more, and return to the car to clean off the feces with paper napkins. I was bagging those soiled napkins in a plastic bag when I figured since I was using up one plastic bag anyway, I might as well clean up the park a bit by picking up litter. There was so much litter that it took only a few minutes to fill the bag! The parking lot perimeter was all trashed up. Litter buildup is so gradual that people don't notice, until the place looks like a dump and outsiders wonder how they can live like that. Two stops later, I arrived at a park with lots of trash cans and I got rid of the bag of garbage there. Ironically, that park used to be a garbage landfill.

The good part: I was going for the "Welcome to Holbrook" cache when the old man who lives just across the street from the cache site called out to me. He said "You look too happy to be working on a Sunday, so this must be a game." Right then, I knew he was a fun guy. He told me that he'd seen lots of people park on the street and walk to that spot, so he figured it was some kind of game. I explained how the game worked. Then I retrieved the cache and showed it to him. He expressed genuine interest and now he knows what's going on. See, not all encounters with the locals result in calls to the police. It's all in the attitude. He's nice. Contrast that to the people in Summit yesterday who didn't listen to explanation and took a hostile attitude right away. They were not nice. They still don't have a clue what went on there and they'll continue living their sad lives in a bubble, shielded from all that is unfamiliar.

Dinner was in Flushing Chinatown and I also got the city edition of the Sunday newspaper there.

Tags: geocaching, long island

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