Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey "flash mob"

Hanson Park

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Ramsey Walking Path geocache, which is conveniently just a block from downtown Ramsey. By coincidence, I got there just in time to meet up with four geocachers. We all looked for the geocache but I figured it out first because I'd only just seen a hide like that the evening before. Then I had a spicy Italian footlong at Subway in Ramsey. The manager actually wanted me to photograph it and so I did. (Everyone knows about my food photography!)

In the evening, I went for the Laurelwood geocache in Laurelwood Arboretum in Wayne. It's a beautiful garden, although a bit dull that evening because of the rainy weather. Also, the deer kept watching as I went by.

On the software front, I upgraded my installation of K-Meleon to 1.1.6 and 1.5.0RC. I also wrote macros for Google Notebook web clipper,, urlBorg, and, and I updated the Google Shared Stuff macro to fix a problem.

The Google Notebook macro needed a little trick to make it work. What I usually do to convert a bookmarklet to a K-M macro is wrap the Javascript into an injectJS() call. (Of course, if it's just a jump to another URL, it's better to do that using K-M's built-in functions.) Here, that didn't work. After poking around the error console a bit, I found out that K-M's popup blocker was blocking the new window. I could turn off popup blocking in the browser to make it work for this and all other similar macros but there is a better way. Instead, I did that just for the duration of the injectJS() call by temporarily changing that preference in K-M's macro language.

So, before the injectJS() call, I added this to turn off popup blocking:
And after the injectJS() call, I added this to restore the popup blocking preference:
Tags: geocaching, k-meleon, ramsey, wayne
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