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Hewitt, to wit


This evening, I went to Hewitt to seek the Mountain_Man_Mike's Micro #3 - East Shore geocache. It's actually at the trailhead for the woods road going up the hill. What I didn't see the last time I was here is this bench that someone built around the small trees. The place used to be just a big dirt/gravel parking area. This geocache is a tricky one. I've seen this hiding technique at least 3 times before. The problem was I didn't know what it was at first so I looked for it the wrong way and only saw it by chance a bit later. After that, I had some quarter pounders at McDonald's in Mahwah. That was my last coupon (except for breakfast coupons, which I'll likely not use) from the coupon book.

My camera finally malfunctioned in a way that makes it necessary for me to get a new one. The shutter no longer opens when I turn it on. I was still able to take photos this evening after opening the shutter by hand but I don't think it'll last very long like this. I was going to shop for a new camera but I thought of checking eBay and yes, there are many Nikon Coolpix L4 cameras listed at low prices. Aside from the shutter and lens dust problems, I'm okay with this camera model so I'll bid on those auctions one at a time and see if I can get an inexpensive replacement.

Some further developments after that nasty neighbor encounter at Lucky Mega Micro: StarBow1er was there on the same day and was also confronted by the same neighbor. The story he told StarBow1er didn't match what I heard. Then again, we already knew he was full of it when he claimed that the wooded area was his property. The cache owner confirmed that the cache is on public land and is in fact closer to his own backyard than to nasty neighbor's house. So the cache owner will talk to the neighbor and try to explain "yet again". I know a few of you have had to deal with nasty neighbors on Long Island and elsewhere. I consider myself fortunate that I only encounter these people for a few minutes at most. Can't imagine what it's like to live next to them but I do understand the frustration in dealing with them.
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