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Why do all the houses look like new furniture?

Just when everyone is done stocking up on plastic sheets and duct tape to individually wrap their homes for their protection, you get this: Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information. And the scaring of the public continues unabated.

Terror attack or no terror attack, I want to try an MRE. Who knows? Maybe the Thai Chicken is better than the average Swanson TV dinner. :)

Went to Gas Price Watch since I had the gas price data collected for New Jersey Gas Prices anyway. Might as well update both websites. Actually, Gas Price Watch was the original one. I was an avid price spotter 2-3 years ago and accumulated 20,000+ points back then. Nice to see they haven't deleted my account for inactivity. They seem to have made a few improvements. For one thing, the list of gas stations is more complete than it used to be. Also, all the gas stations I've ever reported now appear in one list for easy updating. Unfortunately, that list is six pages long! I prefer New Jersey Gas Prices favorite stations list. Since I control that list, I only add the gas stations closest to me that I see every day and not some far away gas stations in Brick that I just happened to see while going to a geocache.

Finished my taxes this evening. I will get a $585 refund for Federal and a $206 refund for State. (Plus whatever they will be sending for the NJ Homestead Rebate. It's always a surprise.) Should have adjusted withholding a bit better but what can you do? :)

I think I'll hang on to it for some time before mailing it in, just in case there are 1099-DIV corrections. A few years back, one of the REITs recategorized part of the distribution and I had to send in a Form 1040X. That was annoying.

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