Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ, I-78 corridor

I got the camera yesterday, just in time for the weekend. It's a refurbished unit. (The eBay seller mentioned that it's a factory demo.) It works perfectly and because it's the same model as my old camera, I spent zero time learning how to use it. Beyond that, it's quite reassuring that there is a decent secondhand market for this camera, so it's easy and inexpensive to get a replacement if I break or misplace the camera.

So where did I take the camera? Out to Western NJ, on the I-78 corridor from Bridgewater to Washington. It was a rainy day and I skipped the first few geocaches on my list because of heavy rain. Then the rain stopped, so I did a bunch of geocaches. Then the rain started again when I was at "Stateliner's Stash", so it was a good thing I brought an umbrella on that hike. There was also some dime-sized hail for a while. I was pretty much done for the day after that, so I just visited two more quick geocaches on the way to dinner...

... which was at Bridgewater Commons. I'd originally intended to visit the mall food court but found, to my dismay (or relief :) ), that the food court was closed for renovation until 2009. I noticed that there was a Chipotle in the mall annex. I'd never tried that before, so I went there and got a burrito. So how does Chipotle measure up? Well... they have fewer choices than Baja Fresh and Qdoba and they're not as tacky as Moe's, but it's essentially the same kind of food in the same price range.

Tags: bridgewater commons, camera, chipotle, geocaching, western nj

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