Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ, continued, and Lehigh Valley

After yesterday's rain, today was sunny and not too hot or humid. I did the geocaches I skipped yesterday because of rain and then I continued from where I stopped. Also crossed over to Pennsylvania but stopped at Easton, leaving the rest of the Lehigh Valley geocaches for another weekend because it was getting late by then. Dinner was fried fish at Long John Silver's in Easton.

Ran into a few geocachers at cache sites. At "Bigger then a Breadbox???", I met Team Ecnarf. (a family) I was at the cache site when they came along. Later in the day, at "MC Orchard Cache", I met up with JimmyG. (a couple) They had already found that particular cache and were on their way back to the parking area.

One thing that came up during the conversation was whether or not I'll be attending the Central Jersey geomeets again. Without going into too much detail, the original problem that caused me to stop attending those meets has gone away but the other problem that the meet location is a 100-mile roundtrip for me is still there. If I had Tuesday off so I could do a bunch of geocaches in Central Jersey and then finish up by attending the meet, that would work. Moving the meetup to Northern NJ would also help, but I don't see that happening. :)

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, ljs, western nj
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