Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Yellow Box

Ringwood State Park

This evening's little excursion was to the Skylands Manor section of Ringwood State Park for the Tech Treasure geocache. Starting from Parking Area C, it was just a little walk on the park road to the cache site. It is a bright yellow box, which would be difficult to hide if there weren't a lot of leaves in that spot with which to cover it up. I don't think I've seen a K'nex box as a geocache before. After that, of course, I had a spicy Italian footlong at Subway in Ramsey.

Months after the dental appointment, I still have a dental insurance claim problem, not because I have an insurance problem but because the dentist's office has for the second time sent the claim to the wrong insurance provider. The insurance provider's name and address appear correct on their computer terminal but I think there is a bug in their electronic claim submission system. It would be a waste of time (and not our responsibility) to try to debug this, so I asked them to send in the claim by mail (or fax, if they can get the number) and we'll see how it goes.
Tags: dental, dentist, geocaching, insurance, ringwood state park, skylands manor, subway

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