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Westbrook Park

This evening's geocache was Kache On Arrival at Westbrook Park, a KOA campground that was turned into a town park, in West Milford. This location is quite a bit out of the way for North Jersey. I took the scenic route via the long and winding Westbrook Road to get there. On my way back, I saw that they were just starting to close off and repave Greenwood Lake Turnpike. Went to McDonald's in Mahwah for dinner and had a Angus Bacon and Cheese Third Pounder value meal. Thanks to Ryan / RXBX (who is both a geocacher and Where's Georger) for the coupon link. It's still good for a few more days if you'd like to print and use it yourself.

A screw came loose below the dashboard, so I went to Autozone yesterday evening. After testing the screw against their selection of tools, I got a 10mm socket and that did the trick. Later though, I noticed that the driver's side door lining had come loose. (Not related to the screw problem.) I wonder what I need to fix that. I'll probably try one of the adhesives that I have later.

I'm quite a bit behind on this because I only just started using Google App Engine. I figured I'd port my Sudoku Solver to GAE. Of course, it's a total waste of GAE because it could be implemented in Javascript entirely on the client side like this, but I wanted to see how GAE works before taking on more substantial projects. Installing ActivePython and GAE SDK was a snap to do. The SDK itself simulates the App Engine environment, including a simple web server, so I didn't need to install anything else. The bigger hurdle was relearning Python as I hadn't touched that scripting language in about a decade. However, after reading the online tutorial a bit, I found that I hadn't actually forgotten much. It's a simpler language than Perl.

The annoying part: After I was done and ready to upload the application, I saw that Google App Engine requires that I verify my account by SMS. I have text messaging turned off on my Sprint account so that is a little inconvenient. I'll have to ask Sprint to turn it on again temporarily just for this one text message, and that will have to wait until Sprint's customer service webchat comes back up. If at all possible, I'd prefer not to be on hold on their voice line for this.
Tags: app engine, automotive, autozone, geocaching, mcdonald's, python, west milford

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