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Crazy 8

Crazy 8's Meet & Greet Dinner Event  (GC1CYY8)

This evening, I went to Crazy 8's Meet & Greet Dinner Event at Ruby Tuesday in Willowbrook Mall in Wayne. This geocaching event is on 08/08/08 at 8:08pm. I got there rather early because I took a lot less than expected on my pre-dinner geocache, but there were already a few geocachers waiting in the food court outside Ruby Tuesday. We went into the restaurant when it got a bit closer to 8pm. Our group this time was about 30 people. Unfortunately, Ruby Tuesday was clearly unprepared for our group. By the time someone took our orders, it was already half an hour into the event. I had salad bar as the entree so I wouldn't have to wait for the food. (but I do that every time at Ruby Tuesday anyway because their salad bar is actually pretty good) Anyway, it was good to see the North Jersey geocachers. Ironically, I don't see them very often even though I live in North Jersey myself because most of their events are camping events and geocoin swaps, and I'm not too fond of those.

The pre-dinner cache was Short Line RR, also in Wayne but a bit to the North from the mall. It's on an old railroad line that is no longer in use. I'd read the cache logs before heading out there and I noticed that some people took up to half an hour to find the cache, so that's how much time I set aside for this cache. How long did I actually take? Two minutes. It really wasn't that hard because I knew how it would be hidden based on my experience at a similar cache a bit further up the tracks.
Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, ruby tuesday, wayne, willowbrook mall

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