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Newark Bears


On Sunday, the Hi-4 group participated in mascot dodge ball in honor of Rip N' Ruppert's (the Newark Bears mascot) birthday. In attendance from our group were foxwell, rapidtrabbit, Damian K, yargo, Dreamwolf, shy_matsi, and myself. Mascots from other teams/organizations included Jack the Jackal (from NJ Jackals), the devil from NJ Devils, Sparkee (Somerset Patriots, which I believe was the team playing against the Newark Bears in this afternoon's ball game), the Highlander (from NJIT), Max Reader (from REMAX), and the Commerce Bank Big Red "C". Batman was there too.

In addition to mascot dodge ball, I was also out on the field for mascot races and the birthday bash. I skipped mascot musical chairs. (Actually, it was "musical chair" because they had only one big chair.) And finally, we had birthday cake in the mascot lounge.

After the ball game was over, I went to Cranford to find Oreo and Sneezy. Luckily, the rain had stopped by then. I had reservations about "Oreo" since it was at a railroad overpass and cache retrieval might cause "panic" but the gloomy weather kept pedestrian traffic to a minimum so there wasn't a problem. "Sneezy" has a reputation for being a tough cache to find but I noticed that it had gotten much easier because a portion of the tree had rotted away.
Tags: cranford, geocaching, hi-4, mascot gig, newark bears, ruppert
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