Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Indian Rock

Indian Rock

Yesterday evening, I visited Parking Erratically in Suffern. It is an erratic, apparently a local landmark, in the parking lot of the Indian Rock Shopping Center. The cache owner has archived the geocache for an undisclosed reason. However, I didn't know that until I got there and started reading the online logs on my cell phone. Once I found out, I didn't bother checking the bushes for the cache but I took some pictures of the boulder anyway.

After that, I got a spicy Italian footlong at Subway in Ramsey. I got a Subway Scrabble game piece from the sub wrapper. I think it'll be similar to McDonald's Monopoly in that certain letters that you need to complete the words will be very rare. The Subway Scrabble website was very slow yesterday evening, so they might not have anticipated the rush to enter game piece codes at the start of the game.
Tags: boulder, erratic, geocaching, subway, subway scrabble, suffern
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