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Watsessing Park

This afternoon, I visited the Mate in One - Checkmate! Redux geocache at Tom Grill Field in Pompton Lakes. I went in the afternoon instead of in the evening because there was a thunderstorm in the weather forecast. There used to be a series of chess-related geocaches around Pompton Lakes, Wayne, and Riverdale, but those caches have been archived. The cache owner relisted this one, which used to be the final part of the series. To get the coordinates, you need to solve an easy checkmate-in-one puzzle. After that, it's fairly straightforward.


1. What did you last replace batteries for?
Wireless mouse. Just one AA battery and it lasts half a year.

2. What have you thrown away that you probably could have had repaired?
Old camera. I think the shutter could be repaired but is it worth the bother when I can get the same kind of camera on eBay for $25?

3. Among items in your line of sight right now, what should probably be put in the trash?
Tea boxes.

4. When did you last use disposable cutlery while dining in your house?
Yesterday. Just a plastic fork.

5. Whose actions cause you to waste time you otherwise wouldn't waste?
Answering Friday Five.

From altfriday5:

1. Is there a place you've always wanted to travel but haven't gotten to yet? Where is it and what's the holdup?
I would like to revisit the town where I was born and see what the fried fish there is like. It's on a different continent though so it's not especially worth going there yet.

2. Is there a skill you've always wanted to learn but haven't started yet? What is it and why the wait?
How to repair the driver's side door lining. I'm getting there! Or maybe I'll just ask about it at the next regular service.

3. Is there a place you'd always wanted to travel and finally did? How was it?
Things Unlimited in Virginia Beach. I read about it in the archives of a mailing list and it was within range of a weekend road trip so I went there back in 2000. I'm not recommending this store though. It's different now and not as good.

4. Is there a skill you've always wanted to learn and finally are? How's it going?
Well, this week, I learnt how to use jQuery, Django, and Google App Engine. Piece of cake, but I still can't upload the app until I verify my App Engine account via SMS.

5. How do you pick from among the many places to see and things to do which ones you will visit or do first?
Time is the main constraint.

From altfriday5:

1. List 5 things which are basic common knowledge in your culture, which people outside are unfamiliar with. This is not about obscurity, but something everyday to you, that others go "bzuh?" at.
I have culture? :)
Well, let's see... durian, mooncake, Cheng Beng, yee sang, and not cleaning the house on Chinese New Year because it's bad luck.

2. What was the last book you read that was written by a person who is a different race than you? Do you seek out books written by people of other races? Why? Why not?
Almost every book I read was written by someone of a different race. It just seems like such an irrelevant detail. Better to read a book for its content than for a superficial attribute like that.

3. What did you eat at dinner last night? Would you call it ethnic food? Why?
Spicy Italian footlong from Subway. It's about as ethnic as Pizza Hut or Taco Bell.

4. Has your gender presentation changed over the last 5 years? Has this change/lack of change been a deliberate choice on your part?

5. Do you discuss race and racism in your livejournal/blog or in person? Why have you made that choice?
No, I don't. It just hasn't been necessary for me personally. I ascribe meanness to meanness, not racism.

6. Bonus question. Were you aware of International Blog Against Racism Week? Did you choose to participate in it? Why or why not?
No, I wasn't aware of that until this Friday Five set came out last week.
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