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It's not cold. It's less hot!

Depending on the weather this weekend, I'll either be staying right at home or attending two events (one Where's George meet and one geocaching meet) in the Philly area. Weather forecasts call for more snow and sleet in South Jersey than in North Jersey. Maybe we should have the events right here. My plan for tomorrow and maybe Sunday is to snag a few geocaches around North Jersey before making the trip South.

Going on a tip from the Hudsonfur mailing list, I visited a Blockbuster in River Edge this evening. Indeed they do have previously viewed DVDs on sale at $9.99 each, and that means a discount of around 50% from new DVD prices. I picked up an Ice Age DVD. Hey, if we're snowbound this weekend, I'll have something to watch.

Then I went to Boston Market in Paramus for dinner because I had a coupon for $1.50 off an individual meal or carver combo. The bad thing about using such a high-valued coupon is now I'll think I'm being ripped off if I go there without a coupon. :) They seemed to have remodeled the interior to make it look a bit more toned down and cafe-like, which is odd because I thought they'd go with hard seats and garrish decor after McDonald's acquired the company. They don't even have the BBQ Chicken McRotisserie! :)
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