Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

Another sunny day with temperatures in the 80s. Went to Lehigh Valley again. This time, I went a bit further west, to Bethlehem, Hellertown, East Allen, and Whitehall. I visited some cache sites in downtown Bethlehem but I ended up just skipping those because those were not to my liking. In particular, one cache was apparently right next to a homeless encampment. I saw the clothes, bags, and cardboard box tents and decided that proceeding any further would not be advisable. The funny thing is that place was very close to where I used to get pizza at Picasso Pizza. (which apparently changed ownership) The difference is about 100 vertical feet. (cache site is at river level, while the shopping center is at street level a few storeys up)

Far more enjoyable was the Nor-Bath Rail Trail series of geocaches. I found five geocaches from "Preemie" to "Pre-teen". There were a few more stages of life remaining but I left those for another time since the sun was heading down by that time. Since I ended the day in Whitehall, I planned on going to Old Country Buffet in Whitehall for dinner. After the last cache, I called them and found out that they close at 9pm on Sunday. It was already 8:26pm, so there definitely wasn't enough time for dinner. However, the last cache of the day, "M-T-O WhiteHall", was near a Sheetz store so I had Grande Nachos with every topping from the menu. It was piled so high that the Sheetz lady had to push it down to close the takeout container! Now, that's what I call made-to-order. :)

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, sheetz

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