Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Corolla

Mansfield Recreation Park

Sent my car in for servicing yesterday evening. Odometer is at 85,582 miles. They are also going to repair the driver's side door weatherstripping, which has come loose. They need an additional day to order that part so I'll be keeping the loaner car for two days. This time, it is a Toyota Corolla LE. This is a comparatively fuel-efficient vehicle. According to this review, it gets around 38 MPG, which was what my previous car, a 1995 Saturn SL, got. Downsides are it's a bit underpowered (it struggled to get up to speed merging on a bit of an incline onto Route 17) and the seat is rather low. Of course, on those two points, I've been spoiled by my car so I'm not a good judge there. On the plus side, the Corolla LE has 2 glove compartments! The space above the glove compartment that goes unused in many cars, flips open to reveal another compartment. Brilliant!

I'm now on the Postcrossing leaderboard for USA. It's not a stable situation though because there are a few Postcrossers with around the same number of postcards sent, so the rank depends on mail delivery timing.
Tags: automotive, loaner, postcrossing, toyota corolla
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