Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Petruska Park

I still had the loaner car today because the service department had to order the replacement weatherstrip. So this afternoon, I took it out for a little drive to Petruska Park in Paramus for Petruska Park Cache. This geocache was only 200 feet from the parking area but it was 200 feet of solid bushwhacking. Of course, I probably could've chosen an easier route around the thicket. When I emerged from the bushes, I saw Daneyko3, who was searching around in the vicinity of the cache site. The funny thing is the spot where I came out of the bushes was almost exactly where the cache was hidden so I found it almost right away!

Then I went to McDonald's in Paramus. I had a coupon from last Sunday's newspaper, so I got a Southern style chicken sandwich. I still don't think it's that much better than the original McChicken sandwich though. Went back to get the car after lunch because it was ready by then. Yes, it looks better now without that loose piece hanging from the door. :)
Tags: automobile, geocaching, mcdonald's, paramus, southern style chicken
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