Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ and Lehigh Valley again

Sunny and about 80 - 88°F. Had another go at the Western NJ / Lehigh Valley corridor. I spent more time in Western NJ today because I did a bunch of geocaches along riverside trails and rail trails south of I-78 between Raritan and Pittstown. After that, I crossed over to Lehigh Valley and continued geocaching where I left off last week in Whitehall. The last two geocaches were at and near the Allentown Rest Area by the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I found the back road (actually, the staff entrance) leading to the rest area so I didn't actually have to use the PA Turnpike to get there.

Dinner was at the Sheetz store in Bethlehem because a nachoz grande with everything on it was calling my name. This will probably be the last Lehigh Valley trip for a while. For one thing, I've run up against the Western boundary of my geocaching area in LV. For another, some undesirable elements have shown up there. I encountered a couple of impatient and/or careless motorists in Allentown, including one who nearly got me into an accident by sliding out of a ramp at 15mph right into 55mph traffic on US-22. Another undesirable element was the group of loitering, smoking teens at the Sheetz store. They also apparently don't believe in using mufflers on their cars and motorcycles. However, my mistake there was in not learning from what happened the last time. I should've gone to Sheetz in Whitehall instead, where the customer base is nicer.

Got home and wondered why police were pulling people over at several places in town. Probably just late night speeding enforcement.

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, sheetz, western nj

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