Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Twitter Vim update (in_reply_to_status_id)


I opened a Google Code project for TwitVim. It's better this way because I can check in any work in progress to the Subversion repository instead of just keeping it on my hard disk, even though I have been taking precautions to avoid losing work.

So what's new? Two weeks ago, the Twitter folks introduced the new in_reply_to_status_id parameter in the API. Through the use of this parameter, a Twitter client can point an @reply to the tweet that the user is actually replying to instead of the latest tweet, which was the default. The intention is to let Twitter track conversations more accurately. This parameter is optional and still new, so I don't think it is in broad use yet, but maybe we can do some interesting things with the reply graphs later.

Last week, I started thinking about how I can support that new parameter in TwitVim and then I did it in r6 and r7. It is a significant change to the implementation. Previously, the buffer text was all the script needed to maintain state but after this addition, it now keeps a script-local list of status IDs. There is potential for breakage now because the script has to account for buffer changes. Hope I got them all.

Just for fun, I hopped over to to see if the new reply parameter would work there too but it doesn't. A bit disappointing, but I can wait.

A TwitVim screenshot, because I don't think I've posted one before:

Screenshot of TwitVim
Tags: google code,, twitter, twitvim, vim

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